Ptt Mobile is a company that produces and publishes software on smartphones. Now we can master the whole process from market research, design, programming, product sales and problem solving for foreign partners. We have brought our products to tens of millions of users around the world.

However, Ptt Mobile is not only a technology business, but here we are building a startup ecosystem for the mobile app field in Vietnam. We have the environment to create launchpads to help you fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to start a business in this field when stepping out.


"Do the right thing"

The slogan always reminds us that we must do the right things, benefit the society and always comply with the terms of our partners as well as state laws to the highest degree.


“Bring the best user experience”

The experience here is not just the product UX but the entire user experience after using our product. To do that must be a total effort between the design, technology and service behind those products!


“Becoming a leading mobile application development company in Vietnam”

We strive to be at the top not because of competition, but because in Vietnam, there are very few businesses that invest heavily in mobile apps and we will be a pioneer in serious investment, professional development and big growth. Strong in Vietnam Mobile app segment to create quality products, reaching out to the world! We are always ready to connect and share and learn from other businesses in the same field to develop together.

Core values

"The working environment helps independent personnel to develop comprehensively the three original factors: Ethics, Intelligence, and Will."

These are the 3 root factors to build all the good characters in a person. Ptt Mobile is very important in recruiting, training and purifying personnel to always keep a staff with all the above 3 original factors. The working environment and culture at Ptt Mobile always create conditions to build and maintain these core values as strongly as possible.


The company does not offer a strategy. The development orientation of the company will change according to the intelligence of the entire group of members. The development of the company is flexible, spreading like an ecosystem.